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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2014


Feb 17, 2012
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The last race of the season is this weekend, at least people can't say the season was a borefest like 2 of the past 4 years where Vettel dominated and took the WDC well before the last race. This race is really focused on Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

We have some betting tips on Abu Dhabi Grand Prix although mind you that the bookmakers are not giving much leg room on either Hamilton or Rosberg. If you want to gamble, you'll have fun. If you want a value bet, you'll struggle to find anything and you'll have to dig deeper to get it.

This race is really a coin toss, maybe a slight edge and favourite for Lewis Hamilton to win but we are talking 55/45 if you think Hamilton always has an edge. If he finishes 2nd or 1st, the WDC is all his and probably the people at Formula 1 probably secretly want Hamilton to win as he is probably the most popular driver on the circuit.

The last race features controversial double points but at least the last race of the season means something if that is any consolation.
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