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A betting exchange for every bettor - FAIR999 EXCHANGE


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Sep 8, 2019
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Top betting exchange Betfair might seem like hard to get but what you can easily get is a spectacular copy of it with same odds and limits - Fair999 Exchange. Without using Betfair, it's possible to have the all markets available with the same volume that Betfair produces. You won't regret choosing Fair999!​

✅ Identical Odds
✅ Same liquidity
✅ Minimum bet 1 Euro
✅ No premium charge
✅ Cash-out option

What are you waiting for? Sign up now from the link below ⬇️
Open Fair999 account - BET-IBC

Fair999 and more top bookies are only at the best betting agent - BET-IBC. Contact us now!​

We went through a small overview of Fair999 in the initial thread, and you all will agree it's the best alternative for Betfair to get an account at. But we know for a fact that some of guys are wondering how exactly you can create an account and even how to place a bet on this amazing bookmaker called Fair999, that has some of the following key features that makes it stand out:

✅Identical Odds as Betfair
✅Same liquidity as Betfair
✅Low minimum stake of just 1 Euro
✅ No premium charge
✅ Cash-out option
✅Very few to almost no maintainance issues

So, to make things easy, we prepared 2 explicit and simplified video tutorials that will clear any and every doubt you may have!

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