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Jul 12, 2021
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Football is the most popular sport in the United Kingdom for betting, with bettors wagering 40% of their money on the beautiful game. As a result, it is critical that you, the punter, understand all of the main characteristics of the football markets.

The large number of matches has aided the industry's growth, allowing bettors to play on a wide range of markets, with many betting companies offering unique promotions and competitive odds.
Here, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about football betting so you can cut through the clutter.

A quick overview of how betting works

A bookmaker sets the odds, which represent the ratio between the stake and the winnings on a specific outcome if you choose to bet on it. They are normally shown as fractions (for example, 2/1), but they can also be shown as decimals (2.00), and you can choose whether you like. For example, if the outcome of an event has odds of 2/1 (or 2.00), it indicates that for every £1 you wager, you will win £2.

How do you wager on football?

Every week, there are thousands of football matches and markets to bet on. Bookmakers will offer odds on the likelihood of specific match outcomes and occurrences, such as the number of goals scored, corners won, red and yellow cards displayed, and individual goal scorers.

A variety of bookies will have unique deals and competitive odds in order to provide you with the greatest bet possible. You will be paid back your original stake plus the rewards from the odds after the event's outcome is confirmed and your bet is a winner.

When betting on football, how can you locate value?

The first thing to understand is that in football, there are no guaranteed bets. You can do as much research as you want and know all there is to know about a game, yet a surprise result is still possible.
This is why you should utilize your football betting knowledge to pick the game and bet you want to wager on.
Simpler bets, such as Match Bet or goalscorer markets, and those with lower risk, such as Draw No Bet, will suit less experienced bettors better.

You should only gamble on markets you're familiar with, as well as leagues and teams you're familiar with, otherwise you risk losing money because you can't be sure if the bet has worth.
For example, a football fan who follows the Premier League every week would be better off betting on a league they are familiar with rather than a league they are unfamiliar with elsewhere in the world.
Thanks for the information, I think that's the most important point about betting on sports you are familiar with.

If I have a bet on any old sport it's very hard to predict. However, if I bet on the Premier League and Championship then I often get better results.