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5 Weird Tales of the World of Football

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Feb 15, 2022
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Football is one of the most loved and popular sports and if you like to bet, opening an account with the best betting software is the best decision you can make.
This beloved sport arouses genuine feelings and can foster unforgettable memories. No wonder that another remarkable feature is the unusual events in football.

And today we are going to talk about exactly some of those unusual events!

1. Filthy Cup

You didn't read that wrong, that's right: the Filth Cup. The name refers to a rather unusual competition that took place in China in 2014. The players played a football match on a field covered in - guess what - mud. The name of the championship is quite appropriate.

The event brought together 32 Chinese teams and was hosted in the country's capital, Beijing.

What was the purpose of the match?

To celebrate the World Cup in Brazil. As popular wisdom would say: each madman with his own mania, right?

2. The Vampire's Kiss

The player Luis Suarez, for sure, was marked not only by his extreme skill with his feet. The striker had the audacity - not to say the terrible idea - of biting the Italian player Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup match, held at the Arena das Dunas, in Natal, in 2014.

The scene was one of the most controversial during the entire competition. The episode was so serious that the athlete received a severe punishment from Fifa and was suspended for 9 national team games. It doesn't stop there. Suarez was also prevented from performing any football activity for 4 months. It was not for less, right?

3. Did he Die?

Barcelona goalkeeper Maximo Banguera is wasting his talents. He could very well invest in the art world, more specifically in the acting profession. The reason? The goalkeeper played dead in the middle of the match to get around the referee.

The situation was as follows: Maximo committed a very serious foul, outside the area, in the opposing striker. When he realised he was going to be sent off, the goalkeeper did not think twice about throwing himself on the ground and staging a fainting spell. The episode happened in the Libertadores Cup, in the match between Barcelona de Guayaquil and Atletico Nacional. To this day he is remembered for that scene!

4. The referee's legitimate goal

Football is full of surprises. When you least expect it, something unbelievable happens. The episode that occurred in 1983, during the derby between Santos and Palmeiras, in Morumbi, is an example of that.

Up until the 46th minute of the second half, the Peixe were leading 2-1. It was practically impossible to lose the match, right? Wrong. In football, anything can happen in seconds, and it was no different in this competition.

The most curious part of the story is that the score changed with the direct help of the referee. The kick of striker Jorginho, from Palmeiras, was going out, but it bumped into the referee and ended up going into Santos's goal. Many thought it would be disallowed. But to everyone's surprise: the goal was considered legitimate, since the referee is seen as a neutral point on the field. The match ended in a 2×2 draw.

6. Yellow card for the referee

Another controversy involving the referee. In 2008, Botafogo faced Estudiantes in the quarterfinals of the Copa Sudamericana. The Argentine team qualified with a 2-2 draw. However, what really marked the match was a move involving defender Andre Luis.

The defender had a disagreement with referee Carlos Chandía, right after scoring the second goal for Alvinegro da Estrela Solitária. Guess what was the player's reaction? The defender Andre Luis, in a thoughtless act, snatched the yellow card from the referee and raised it to himself.

It seems that the spell turned against the sorcerer: as you can imagine, the action resulted in the expulsion of the athlete.

Did you like these unusual events in football and want more information about the world of sports?

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