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5 Tips to Help You Win when Betting on Football

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Feb 15, 2022
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We at Bettingsoftware.com are proud to be the best betting software out there, and that means we welcome winners with open arms in our platform.
And we want to help you become a winner as well, so keep reading!

Football lovers are becoming increasingly familiar with the world of sports betting. With a flurry of bookmakers sponsoring competitions and clubs around the world, more and more people are trying to predict outcomes and make money betting on a variety of sports.

If you are one of those people, great, because today BSO will bring you 5 tips to help you win at football betting.

If you also want to enter the world of betting or simply improve your performance, check out below the 5 tips to win more in football betting.

1 - Choose the Best Sites

There is no point in being an expert in a certain league, analyzing odds, being well informed and making winning bets, if your fun is pulverized by betting in a bookmaker with serious problems.

Poor customer service, problems to deposit and withdraw, defects in the betting system and cash out... all this can simply take away the pleasure of betting, after so much study and dedication.

Choosing a reliable betting service should be the number 1 task for anyone who wants to start adventuring and having fun in this universe. Fortunately, you have already found one of the best options at Bettingsoftware.com!

With that out of the way and one less thing to worry about, let's move on to the other tips;

2 - Focus on a few competitions

The more you understand about the subject you are betting on, the greater your chances of winning. Many beginners get carried away with exaggerated odds on championships and end up losing.

Choose a league - the one you follow, watch and understand the most - and try to analyze in depth how the bets on that market work.

You don't need to choose only one league specifically. You can specialize in a few leagues, like the Premier League or Ligue 1, for example. The more you know and understand a particular competition, the more you will be able to find good opportunities in the market. In other words, the better odds you can see and the more money you can make from your picks.

Having more information about your chosen championship will also help you see possible "traps". In other words, it will be easier for you to understand why a certain odd is looking too high to be true.
Experienced bettors, in general, usually point out these leagues as championships that bring good winning opportunities nowadays:

  • Brazilian Championship of all series​
  • MLS​
  • Mexican League​
  • Colombian League​
  • Portuguese Premier League - first and second division​
  • Premier League (England)​
  • Serie A (Italy)​
  • Bundesliga (Germany)​
  • Eredivisie (Netherlands)​
  • Japanese Premier League​
However, this does not mean that these will be the best leagues for you.
You have to study and analyse what is best for you.

3 - Analyse the Odds and Get Informed

It is not enough for a team to be favourites in a match - or for you to be certain that this result will happen - for it to be worth placing a bet on a particular game. The analysis of odds is a key factor in defining whether or not you should put your money on that opportunity.

A good way to start analyzing an odd is to pay attention to how much the bookmaker is offering the least likely outcome to happen - in other words, the underdog.

To find out if the odds offered are at a fair value and, more than that, interesting to make a football bet, you can use some sources:

  • The past odds of the competition and the clubs involved
  • The odds offered for the same game at other bookmakers
  • Your knowledge of the league in question
Imagine you are placing a bet on the Arsenal vs Liverpool match in the English Premier League. If you are used to watching and betting on the Premier League, it will be much easier to define if the odds offered by bookmakers for that game are inviting.

This is because you will know the current stage of both teams in the competition, the strengths and weaknesses of each, the players suspended or injured and much more. The more you know about the game, the teams and the league, the better you will be able to decide whether or not to bet on a match.

4- Avoid Betting With Your Heart.

This is a short one, but also one of the most important tips we have for you.

Passion is an ingredient that can take away the fun that betting can provide. Remember, we are rational beings, and we must think clearly before we act.

We are not saying that you should not trust your instincts, quite the contrary, but it is important not to let yourself be carried away by your emotions.

Try to bet on leagues and teams that you have no emotional involvement with. Leave the games of your heart team to just cheer for it, with no money involved. Trust us, this is the best way to go.

5 - Create a long-term betting strategy

If you want to make football betting a profitable hobby, do not think that doubling your net worth on the sites overnight. Professional punters usually manage their cash very well, making safe bets, with lower odds, and separating a small part of their cash for higher risk bets.

The idea of having less money invested in more unlikely odds is simple: if you lose, you lose little. But if you win, it will take your bankroll to the next level. In short, your long-term strategy needs to be based on risk control.

With a success percentage above 50% in your bets, you will certainly be a profitable bettor. To reach this level, however, you must follow to the letter all the previous tips and keep in mind that the best result is the long term one.

The psychological control is also a very important point. Do not despair. Many players lose a few dollars in a bet, lose their heads and try to recover the loss with crazy bets of unreal odds in the sequence.

Don't do this. Define your strategy and follow it during all the time necessary, even if in some days the results are not those expected.

Did you like these tips? Then don't lose any more time, open an account at the best betting software and take your favorite hobby to the next level!
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