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25$ total prizes for users of our Virtual Bookmaker by ladbrokes

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Jul 11, 2008
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Ladbrokes has promised us some bonus money for our users and we decided to do it this way. The first 2 users with most money won in the virtual bookmaker will win the following prizes:
You have time until sunday to place bets for this contest. This means the sunday matches count too.

1. 15$ that will be credited by ladbrokes to their account.
2. 10$ that will be credited by ladbrokes to their account.

Keep in mind you have to sign up through one of our links to LADBROKES to be eligible for the prize.
Here is proof of payment to @SmaLL , I am still waiting @r0nald1nh0 to provide me payment details.
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This promotion ends on 30th September, after that we will stick only with the Fantast betting game which has 10$ weekly award to the best weekly player.