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10 crazy Curiosities in Football History

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Feb 15, 2022
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Since it was invented, Football has had many amazing and crazy moments, for both good and bad reasons.

And today bettingsoftware.com brings you 10 curious things abut Football!

Check out below:

10. World Cup without Brazil, never!

Brazil is the only country that has participated in every World Cup since it was created in 1930. Every other country in the world has lost at least one Cup, either by not qualifying or for political reasons. Only Brazil has managed to make it to all World Cups. Brazil is also the country with the most Cup victories.

9. Defeat against Brazil, never!

The only country that has never been defeated by Brazil in a soccer match is Norway. The two countries have met 3 times in friendly matches and once in the 1998 World Cup. The result: 2 draws and 2 victories for Norway. Brazil has beaten every other country they have ever faced!

8. The fastest red card: 2 seconds

The player who had the dubious honor of receiving the fastest red card ever was Lee Todd of British team Cross Farm Park Celtic. When the referee blew his whistle to mark the start of the game, Lee Todd, who was very close to him, was startled by the noise and said a swear word. He was immediately ejected from the game.

7. Wanted: Baby-professionals

Newest player hired was 20-month-old baby! In 2013 the Belgian team FC Racing Boxberg signed a contract to train little Bryce Brites, after he "revealed talent" in a training session. The boy joined the under-5 team. Whether he is really talent or just another childhood lost to impossible promises, only time will tell...

5. Forbidden from being an astronaut

In 1999, the Swedish player Stefan Schwarz signed a contract with the British team Sunderland. One clause in particular caught his eye: he could not travel in space! At that time, commercial space flights were expected to begin within a few years, and the player's agent had booked a seat on one of the first (which never happened). But space flights are not covered by insurance companies....

4. From football to basketball

The 1st game of basketball was played with a soccer ball. In the winter of 1891, physical education teacher James Naismith saw that his students were frustrated because they could not play soccer and the games that were not outdoors were boring. So he invented a new game: basketball. To set up the first game, he used two peach baskets and a soccer ball. Points for creativity!

3. Record number of own goals

In 2002, Madagascar, a new goal record was set: 149! And all were own goals. The SO Emyrne team wanted to protest the referee's decision in the previous game, which had cost them the title of champions. So in the game against the new champions, AS Adema, they spent the whole game scoring in their own net.

2. Struck by lightning

In 1998, in one of the saddest episodes in soccer, an entire team was struck by lightning. The team Bena Tshadi in the Democratic Republic of Congo was playing against Basanga when lightning struck the field. All 11 Bena Tshadi players died but the other team was not injured. This led to rumors of witchcraft…

1. A day of peace on earth

On December 25, 1914, in the middle of World War I, some members of the German and British troops held a ceasefire to celebrate Christmas. The two sides exchanged gifts, buried their dead, and even played a soccer match! Unfortunately, this did not change their steadfastness to continue fighting the next day.

Did you like these facts? Or maybe you already knew some of them?
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