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  1. A_Skywalker

    NAPOLI - LAZIO 20-01-19

    If Napoli loses this match they can kiss the scudetto for good bye. I also think Lazio are underrated in this match.
  2. A_Skywalker

    England: Premier League Week 22: 12. Jan.

    Manchester United has been on the rise after they sacked Mourinho. Who knows. They can't win all matches.
  3. A_Skywalker

    Winnings on BETKEEN (BETFAIR clone)

    Sure, I wish you good luck!
  4. A_Skywalker

    Winnings on BETKEEN (BETFAIR clone)

    No, but I have been using betfair mostly, if it is a betting exchange like betfair I do not see why they would limit you. They win from your commission on winning bets.
  5. A_Skywalker

    Tennis picks for 2019!

    That's cool, nice previews! This Australian Open will be really interesting. Federer and Nadal start first and their half gets 2 days rest before the final, while Djokovic' half only 1 day. This is also something to consider. Federer has a hard first round match vs Istomin and I think we can...
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    The Footy Tipster

  7. A_Skywalker

    Betting in Tennis

    Bet365. Has tons of challengers too and live streams for the same events.
  8. A_Skywalker

    Today Tips 17 Dec

    Atalanta vs Lazio If Atalanta wins today they will jump to 6th position from 11th. That's a big jump. Lazio are 5th comfortably and they definately want to keep that place. The referee is Danielle Orsato, a favorite of mine who shows lots of cards. This season he has refereed 8 matches and...
  9. A_Skywalker

    Invisible washing machines and squirrel timers: developers reveal their weirdest game dev tricks I thought this article is very interesting on how game devs deal with some problems. Since I like gaming a lot I thought someone here also might like it.
  10. A_Skywalker

    How do sports betting companies come up with the betting odds for the different sides?

    My understanding is that the companies that make the odds have huge statistics and they compile some odds. After that odds are posted in the bookmaker online the odds start to change according to people's bets. If a lot of people bet on certain outcome the odds for that outcome will drop for...
  11. A_Skywalker

    Betmeteor - Guaranteed Sports Picks

    Nice service.
  12. A_Skywalker

    Germany: Bundesliga 14 round 07-09 Dec.

    True, I am not sure yet if I will touch that match, I just stated it will be interesting one. Like good for watching on tv with beer and chips :)
  13. A_Skywalker

    Germany: Bundesliga 14 round 07-09 Dec.

    Some interesting matches at the Bundesliga this week but the most interesting is Wolfsburg - Hoffenheim. Two fully matched teams, it smells like draw.
  14. A_Skywalker

    England Premier League Week 16 West Ham vs Crystal Palace Preview 8 December 2018

    Diangana: We’re focusing on Crystal Palace already It seems like they are taking this match very seriously. Also after the bad start of the season now they(west Ham) are flying. Hard to look at anything else but Crystal Palace win.
  15. A_Skywalker

    Botev Vratsa - Beroe

    Another player that is a good bet for yellow card today is Nedyalkov, he has only 3 so far up to the season but he will play agaisnt his former team CSKA, and CSKA hates Ludogorets a lot. You can imagine there will be some heat there.
  16. A_Skywalker

    Botev Vratsa - Beroe

    1x in this match is sensible bet. The bookies are giving good odds for us as Beroes is the better team overall but Botev Vratsa is in good form. The beat Levski, one of the leaders in their previous match. Beroes's form is dipping, 3 losses and 1 win versus Verea. Bojinov since joinining Vratsa...
  17. A_Skywalker

    England Premier League Week 15 Tottenham vs Southampton Preview 5 December 2018

    Probably the football players will be motivated in moment like this.
  18. A_Skywalker

    England: Premier League 15th round 04 Dec.

    Mathias Jattah-Njie Jørgensen and Jefferson Lerma to receive yellow cards(Yes, there are even bets like these). Both of them didn't get yellows in their last matches, the statistics say they do it every 2nd match sooo.... One is @2.75, the other @3.0