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    Houdini tips

    Hello, if you want I change your thread title to "Houdini tips" or something like this, because in this forum every tipster has one thread and I doubt you want to post only in sunday :)
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    Suggestion For Reliable Gambling Site?

    What do you mean by partnership?
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    This is a thread for a website I spotted today and caught my attention. is unique. In there you: - Get paid per minute or Per Call - you set the price of your sports picks. - Update your recordings as often as you'd like like via the phone or upload your...
  4. Mario Balotelli with his dog.

    Mario Balotelli with his dog.

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  6. Long shot bet

    Long shot bet

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    Showcase your thread at betting forum

    If you are a tipster who wants to showcase his thread at Betting Forum use these images to link your thread. If you have a big thread with tons of information it will serve as authority thread for your customers. Here is the html code for the large image: <a href="CHANGE TO THE LINK OF YOUR...
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    The Footy Tipster

    I just stumbled this site. Looks like there is a lot of information to process until I have seen everything but I will save it here and will come back later.
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    What is your favorite type of gambling?

    May be chess also but the mental hardness of this sport is even harder than most sports :)
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    What is your favorite type of gambling?

    Yes, it is a sport, even though not classical like alpine skiing :D
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    Soccer H2H Statistics 19.12.2018

    Actually it is useful. h2h stats in the same thread is quite good. They can see relevant information right before posting :)
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    Betting in Tennis

    You will need to visit their website and see for yourself, for every country it's different.
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    Betting in Tennis

    The best is to open account directly of course.
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    Betting in Tennis

    I think promotions are not bad at bet365. In fact if someone is signing up at bookmaker only for single promo of 20 euro it's not worth it. In the long term having coverage of all sports and tons of choices is better than some 20, even 50 euro bonus. Bet365 is definitely one of the best, if not...
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    Next USA President...

    Well, odds were right. 1.30 for Obama and he won the race. Solid favorite.
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    Fixed games?

    This basically. All fixed matches someone is trying to sell is basically wishful thinking. Usually they say they will charge you after you win. They are hoping the bet wins so you will fall for the scam and pay. Not to mention how much people lose money cause they trust fixed matches from random...
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    How Betting Forum has looked at 2002
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