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    Can anyone help with this

    no prob, I am glad you figured your issue out!
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    Can you gamble in India?

    Have you tried opening an online casino with games in India? Or through Indian IP adress? (VPN might help) If it doesnt open, then no, its not allowed in India.
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    What is a 'Gambling Horoscope'?

    I have never heard of any gambling horoscope, but maybe I'll check it out.. but I doubt it will work ( but also I am very sceptical)
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    Can anyone help with this

    So I tried bet365 and it would load for me, I was a little bit confused why not, because when I play through casino review, everything works, my country allows online casinos, but then I remember I could change the VPN adress, so I changed it and refreshed 365 and it worked.. Maybe if you tried...
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    Top 5 Casino Websites you prefer to play online?

    I dont think u need passport, but u caught my attention tbh, if youre trolling, then well job :D:D but maybe the thing youwere looking for was VPN changer.. Sometimes it helps whenyou change your vpn adress to play in other country if your country law does not allow online casinos
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    Why do people play online anyway? What do you think?

    Unfortunatelly I cant read the article, but if I should speak for myself then I play online because I enjoy the adrenaline as u said and no one judges my terrible playing skills, I just do it to pass the time or have some fun..
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    How do I find a Online casino which is trustable? Or How can I understand that the casino is trustable?

    FIrst look for the green locker by the HTML code. Its indicates that site is safe for you to play, its called SSL certificate, Its the first thing I notice. Avoid playing not licensed casinos, they might scam you. Always try to find casino with a good reputation. If the casino accepts players...
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    Favorite casino game ?

    Blackjack for me. definetly.