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    Australian GP 2016

    The season starts this weekend and already we have bizarre weather as Nico Rosberg has crashed in practice session. Lewis Hamilton is the fastest but I think what most F1 fans are hoping for is some competition where one team or driver just doesn't dominate like last year. Everyone is...
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    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2014

    The last race of the season is this weekend, at least people can't say the season was a borefest like 2 of the past 4 years where Vettel dominated and took the WDC well before the last race. This race is really focused on Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. We have some betting tips on Abu Dhabi...
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    Singapore Grand Prix 2014

    Have to admit this season is very entertaining to watch. Ecclestone though is making stupid rules to ruin the sport but the Singapore race should be an interesting one with Mercedes drivers fighting it out and Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo trying to steal some more points.
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    Lewis Hamilton favourite for British Grand Prix

    Lewis Hamilton has had an up and down season so far but has helped team Mercedes immensely giving them a top driver that can help the team move back in the right direction. He seems to be pushing Nico Rosberg in the right direction as well. Hamilton has the pole position at Silverstone with a...
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    Fernando Alonso strong favorite for WDC

    It will take a miracle for Alonso to win this race. He needs to cover 13 points over Vettel. If it rains this could be his chance to advancing.
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    Fernando Alonso strong favorite for WDC

    Fernando Alonso is likely to win the title this year unless Sebastian Vettel can keep scoring more points over Alonso. It is possible but many would say it is unlikely. What Alonso has on his side is an improved car while RedBull cars only won races while having holes in their floor which was...
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    Chinese Grand Prix preview

    The Chinese Grand prix race should be a strange one. Qualification starts soon and right now McLaren cars are appearing to be the fastest. Next to them is the Mercedes cars and Red Bull racing seems to be fading fast. Don't expect Alonso to do anything special and see if Sergio Perez does...
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    Predict the 2012 driver champion

    Race starts in 1 hour. Pole position won by Hamilton, Jenson Button 2nd with Romain Grosjean in 3rd. Vettel is no longer the favorite until he wins a race.
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    Betfair and betting exchanges

    You can get better prices this way and the house doesn't have to take much of a risk
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    Predict the 2012 driver champion

    Don't wait for more testing, pick your answer now on who you think will be the 2012 F1 champion. I think Lewis Hamilton can have a good season this year without distractions. I don't think Vettel will be able to dominate like last season with the new rule changes.
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    Berger - Schumi will retire

    Rosberg is a good driver. This year the competition is very fierce and people have to ask if Schumacher needs to prove himself anymore. If he goes this season as the #2 guy behind Rosberg he will rather retire.