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    Football Gambling Question?

    It would take all day to list but there are 4096 different combinations.
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    Backtesting System

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. :)
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    Backtesting System

    What is your definition of a fit team? :)
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    Football Gambling Question???

    With all due respect, the only reality is that your logic and methodology are faulty. I will give a hypothetical example for a 2 team parlay (to save time and space). As in original post, only 2 choices, the favourite or underdog allowed. Game 1 Miami +7.5 at New England -7.5...
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    Football Gambling Question???

    No offense to previous poster, but there are 4096 combinations for 12 team parlay. You get the answer from 2^12=4096.
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    Giving Back - MLB Betting

    Your post is well written and very informative.
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    Football Gambling Question???

    It would take all day to list them, but there are 4096 different combinations for a 12 team parlay.....
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    Question about betting lines and 'implied probability' (american odds)

    Hello Mr_Mush: The following method might help you with your model. Using the lines posted by the book, you can remove the juice and figure basic probability of each team winning the game. Say have a game Boston +120 Houston -140 implied probability for...